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Discografia Maysa Matarazzo Torrent cerilau




Career Luz Maysa studied music as a child and soon began her career as a singer. Her musical repertoire included pop, MPB, samba, forró, gypsy, Afro-Brazilian and Candomblé, and she also composed songs in some of these genres. After winning a competition in the city of Caçarol (Mirandesa) in 1957, Maysa became a big success, having a song called "Os Dias Que Não Encontro" reach the top of the hit parade in 1958. She also recorded "I'll be there", one of the most famous parabólicas of all time. Luz Maysa later released many albums in the samba and MPB genres, such as "A Era da Luz" (The era of light), "Maysa", "Cozinha de Carne" (Cooking of meat), "A Pré-História" (The pre-history) and "Maysa's Golden Hits". In 1960, Maysa took part in the music competition "You're the First". She recorded a song, "Aqui Vou Tebeu", in which the singer denied any possibility of winning the contest. That same year she recorded a radio programme that was broadcast in the main market of São Paulo. In the following year, Maysa recorded a song with Carmen Miranda called "Diário de Passagem" (Passing Diary). She was the first to record a song by Carmen Miranda, as well as being the one to confirm the nationalization of the samba, which until then had been considered a dance of the poor. In 1962, Maysa released a radio programme recorded in Porto Alegre, "A Calma." She made her first television appearance in the same year, on Programa Viva. In 1963, she recorded her first television program with the presenter Amauri Rocha. A year later, she also recorded a program for WBRJ. In 1964, she traveled to Rio de Janeiro and recorded a program on WBMN, featuring the singer Robson Ricardo. In 1965, she performed at the I Festival do Cairo. In 1967, Maysa recorded "A Calma de Luz" (The Calm of Light), which had long-lasting success. She released a short film of the same name and was also nominated for an award at



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Discografia Maysa Matarazzo Torrent cerilau

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